Windows Have Two Sides – Make Sure the Outside & Inside of Your Windows are Sparkling Clean!

clean windows on both sides


Regardless of whether it’s your commercial or residential property, clean windows are always important.

If we’re talking about your home, clean windows make a difference in how a potential buyer or your neighbours will see you and your property. When it comes to your business, clean windows help convey a message to your clients and make a strong and long-lasting first impression.

Cleaning your windows both inside and outside is, therefore, extremely important for the comfort of living, the success of your business as well as your health.

Consider using an ottawa window cleaning company to get the job done right.

Windows have two sides

window opens up room with lightWhen it comes to window cleaning, most people wash only on the outside, with little regard for the interior. Well, of course, windows have two sides, and it’s best to make sure that both sides are sparkling clean.

With all that in mind, the best thing to do to make sure your windows are always top notch is to hire a professional team of seasoned experts who will use all their knowledge and skills to get your windows in the best shape possible.

With the most advanced window cleaning equipment and biodegradable and environment-friendly cleaning products, your windows won’t only be clean and shiny but will stay scratch free for a long time.

Window cleaning pros are fully aware of the fact that your windows are an investment and the face of your residential and commercial property, and are fully prepared to give all it takes to get that glass cleaned immaculately.

Interior Window Cleaning Ottawa

windows look out onto beautiful viewsProfessional window washing Ottawa services will provide the necessary competitive advantage for your business or that curb appeal for your home that savvy Ottawa home buyers will know to appreciate. We clean the insides of windows as well as the outside. Why? The inside glass gets dirty with dust, grease, pet dander, and much more.

Getting your windows cleaned professionally also ensures maximum health in your living and working environment, as clean windows keep away various air pollutants and allergens, as well as mold, bacteria, and so on.

Therefore, our professional staff offers to take care of both the exterior and interior of your windows with the highest quality service available and at the most cost-efficient prices. With Glassmate, your windows will:

  • Receive the thorough hand wash and squeegee they deserve
  • The proper wipe down of interior ledges and frames to protect them from debris, rust, and oxidation
  • Full removal of cobwebs and any loose dirt
  • The full wipe down of both channels and tracks

Why Choose Glassmate?

With Glassmate, the quality of service is guaranteed, and your windows will look their best for sure. Do not let something as trivial as dirt or rust stains make you feel uncomfortable while having guests at home or miss a good business opportunity with your potential clients. Taking care of your windows is so much easier with the right cleaning team at hand.

We also offer some of the highest rated eavestrough cleaning Ottawa services!

Contact us to find out more or to book your next window cleaning, eavestrough cleaning, or gutter cleaning Ottawa appointment.

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