Why Summer Is the Best Time for Window Cleaning

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It’s summer in Ottawa, a great time to get the house and property nice and clean!

You may have noticed that most of your windows are already starting to look a bit dusty, despite all the rain we’ve gotten. That’s how it goes with most windows in Ottawa – the winter months take their toll, and then springtime brings pollen, dust and other residue.

That’s why summer is actually the best time for Ottawa window cleaning.

Resist the Spring Cleaning Urge When it Comes to Windows

With a busy “spring cleaning” push, it might seem that the ideal time for window cleaning is the springtime. The temperatures are neither too low or too high, creating good conditions for professional window washing Ottawa treatments. Also, there’s no scorching sun to get in the way.

But if you decide to clean your windows before it finally stops raining cats and dogs, you’ll have cleaned your windows in vain. The first rain will make them all smudgy again, causing the dirt, pollen, and debris to pile up.

It’s Finally Stopped Raining on the Windows

clean windows in dining room of house

Unlike springs, summers in Ottawa don’t usually bring copious amounts of rain. The occasional storm blows through, of course, so it’s good to be vigilant of course.

Summers are generally dry in Ottawa, at least when it comes to precipitation, allowing you to clean your windows thoroughly without having to worry about soaking all-day rains. In the worst case scenario, you’ll be dealing with short summer rains that are usually brief so that they don’t have the time to have much effect on the window’s sparkle.

Regardless, it is always a good time in the season for window cleaning Ottawa services at your home.

This Is the Best Time to Get Rid of Pollen

Our country’s wonderful nature usually schedules the last pollen wave for the early summer, when we are least expecting it. Not only can this be awfully irritating for your eyes, nose, and your throat, but it can also stick to your windows and leave a lasting old trace of irritants.

Whether you’re suffering from pollen-induced allergies or not, you’ll certainly want to get rid of this nature’s little gift as soon as possible. That’s why it’s always better to postpone window cleaning for after this last pollen wave. Otherwise, you’ll probably have had to clean your windows twice.

Achieve Longest-Lasting Sparkle for Your Windows (& Eavestroughs)

clean patio door windows

As you can see, window cleaning in Ottawa can be a bit more complicated. There are a lot of moving parts to factor in, especially when you think about when that pollen and dust kick up. When you live here, window cleaning in summer simply makes more sense.

Since nice weather allows you to achieve the longest-lasting results over summer, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to have your windows thoroughly cleaned. With professional cleaning services and some luck, you’ll be able to enjoy your sparkling clean windows until November rains.

Be sure to consider an eavestrough cleaning Ottawa company to pair with your window cleaning!

Glassmate Can Help Get Your Windows Clean & Shiny

If you haven’t cleaned your windows yet this year – or if you have but they’ve gotten grimy since – get in touch with Glassmate. We’re Ottawa’s window cleaning experts, making windows shine across the National Capital Region.

Use the convenient contact form on this page to request a window cleaning, or give us a call today at 613-324-1111.

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