The Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning vs ‘Cleaning Lady’ or DIY


Window cleaning is one of those projects that we all have to face every once in a while. While it is necessary to clean the dirt that sticks to the exterior and interior sides of windows, there is still one question that most of us ask ourselves:

Should I get a local “cleaning lady” to come over and give the windows a quick wipe or hire an Ottawa window cleaning company to do it? Or do I want to tackle this one myself?

This is a perfectly reasonable question that deserves a detailed answer. This is why we have decided to lay out all the benefits of professional windows cleaning vs “Cleaning Lady” or DIY.

Professionals Do It Faster

Whether you need to get window cleaning Ottawa services done in your home or in your office building, it’s likely something you want to get over with so that you can focus on more pressing matters.

This especially applies if it’s an office building – the windows are the face of your company, and the cleaning lady doesn’t have the time or the resources to do it efficiently.

Professional window cleaning companies have experience in this sort of matter. They will assess your personal needs and dispatch additional techs to your location to get the project done in time. Generally speaking, professionals are able to finish a project in less than half the time the cleaning lady needs.

Get a Free Window Assessment

Although built to be durable and to endure the elements, windows have an expiry date. Identifying problems early on and fixing them in time will save you money in the long run.

First, you will prevent serious damage or malfunctions that would require pricey repairs. Secondly, you won’t have to replace windows due to damage or malfunctions caused by improper maintenance.

Professional window washing Ottawa services will assess your window condition while they are providing a cleaning service. There are all sorts of problems that might pass unnoticed, such as painted sashes, ill-fitting windows screens, non-functional windows, clogged channels, and so on. We’ll let you know!

Increased Window Lifetime

Not all windows are made the same. Some require special care in order to last long. A window cleaning company with years of experience can help you extend the life of your windows.

You never know what type(s) of dirt your windows are collecting. Some materials can damage window panels and make them more prone to chips and cracks. Ottawa winters put even more pressure on windows!

After assessing your windows, the pros will help restore your windows’ health by removing damaging stains and polishing them with proven chemicals and super-fine steel wool.

Prevent Damage to Your Windows

You might pick up the shiniest cleaning chemical from the shelf that is labeled “Glass Cleaner” or “Window Cleaner.” And you’d likely use the tools and rags at your disposal. Yet all of this can cause you to damage your windows, thus causing you to spend even more money on window repairs or window replacement. Your average cleaning lady has roughly the same approach.

Window cleaning companies, on the other hand, use professional tools and proven cleaning chemicals. On top of that, we know which one to use and when to use it according to the type of the window and the type of dirt. When done by pros, window cleaning bears no risks to window health.

And as an added benefit, consider getting eavestrough cleaning Ottawa tasks completed on your home. You will save time and protect your eavestroughs from harm at the same time.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Effects

Finally, we see the long-lasting effects. How many times have you noticed windows getting dirty soon after you clean them? This won’t happen with a professional window cleaning service.

Thanks to the top-grade chemicals and tools, and the experience of service pros, your window will remain clean and glossy for a longer period of time. Going with a professional window cleaning company over a “cleaning lady” or DIY approach offers a lot of benefits.

Book your next Ottawa window cleaning with the window pros at Glassmate. Or if you are looking for other services, consider getting a quote for our gutter cleaning Ottawa service type.

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