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Realtors Can Get More $$$ for Clients with Professional Window Cleaning

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Buying a new home is a huge investment one cannot take lightly.

Many prospective homeowners spend months on end trying to find exactly the right home. They scour every listing, go to all the open houses and thoroughly inspect each property they come across.

Buyers are understandably meticulous. That’s why, as a realtor, one of your important roles is to ensure that every nook and cranny of your client’s home looks perfect. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to close the deal, or you could end up settling for much less money than you and your clients had expected.

To prevent this from happening, Ottawa real estate agents should make sure that the house is in the best shape possible prior to listing and showings. An important part of this process is considering an ottawa window washing service.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

beautiful home with sparkling clean windowsUnless someone’s looking for a fixer-upper, it’s likely that they’ll think that the exterior of a home is just as important as the interior.

It takes only 7 seconds for potential buyers to form their first impression! By the time they’ve stepped through the doorway, they’ve already formed a partial opinion which can be difficult to change.

So, the exterior of the home has to be perfect. Even if you mow the lawn, repaint the home, and have a beautiful garden, this all goes to waste if the windows are dirty.

Unkempt windows will make a house seem poorly-maintained. This is a huge turn-off for potential buyers. If the windows are dirty, what else is wrong? Is the house prone to flooding when it rains? Does it stay warm in winter? These are the kind of questions that will spring to mind.

With a company that does window cleaning in ottawa, everything falls back into place. The home will look warm and inviting, and will attract people who are eager to buy it.

A Clean House Looks & Feels More Luxurious

brush washes windowsA clean house sells faster – there’s no denying this. When prospective buyers enter a clean home, they will feel more relaxed and comfortable, and they’ll even be more likely to buy (and at a higher price!).

A house that looks clean and well-maintained will seem more luxurious because it will be obvious that the previous owners have invested their time and money into keeping it in good shape.

With professional Ottawa window cleaning, everything will look clean as a whistle. The windows will let in more natural light, brightening the entire house and making it feel more spacious, allowing you to list at a higher price.

Ottawa Window Cleaning Experts

If you want to attract higher-paying buyers with sparkling windows, your best bet is to call the pros. At Glassmate, we will ensure that the windows are clean inside and out– and we’ll help you get a higher quote on your house.

Even if the house is in a polluted area, or the previous owners were chain smokers who hadn’t cleaned their windows in years, we can make those windows look practically brand new after we’re done with them.

Visit our home page to get a quote for window cleaning in ottawa, and get more money for your clients with Glassmate.

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