Clean Your Gutters & Eavestroughs Before Winter

Seasonal changes are often accompanied by a runny or stuffy nose, and believe it or not, your house can experience some of the very same symptoms.

Unless you take care of the wellbeing of your home, you’ll likely notice that your gutters have clogged up just before winter, and water is leaking over them, causing a variety of “health” issues for your home.

To ensure that your home is always in good condition, investing in professional gutter cleaning Ottawa services before winter is a must.

Debris in Your Gutters Can Spell Disaster

Clogged up gutters can cause water backups, leaks, and floods. The most common cause of a clog is debris that’s ended up in the eavestroughs. In late autumn, dried up leaves and branches can easily accumulate in your gutters, and spell disaster for your home.

cleaning leaves from guttersSince leaves tend to fall in October, it’s a good idea to get your gutters cleaned just after the trees have gone bare in Ottawa. Waiting until spring can prove to be a very expensive mistake.

As winter rolls around, if your eavestroughs are clogged up and filled with rainwater, they’ll start to freeze. Primarily, this will cause saggy gutters that can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Secondly, since water tends to expand as it freezes, if there’s any accumulated water in your gutters and if it’s leaked into your foundation, you might end up seeing some cracks.

The most worrying thing might just be the icicles. While they’re pretty to look at, they can cause injury, and even be fatal in some cases.

Eavestrough Cleaning Should Be Done at Least Twice a Year

It’s generally recommended to get eavestrough cleaning Ottawa work done at least twice a year, in spring and in autumn. However, if you have many trees in your front and/or back yard, you might want to do that even more often.

pulling leaves from eavestroughs that were blockedWhile dried up leaves and branches in your gutters cause problems on their own, you’re likely to face some unwelcome visitors in the Ottawa winter because of them.

Small animals find the comfy leaves in your gutters irresistible, they provide shelter from the cold and offer a perfect nesting ground. From your gutters, it’s easy for them to find entry into your home, causing trouble every step of the way.

Gutter Cleaning Calls for the Pros

While it might seem like something you can do by yourself as long as you have a ladder, gutter cleaning can be dangerous, especially during the rainy season or once winter has already arrived. Do not attempt gutter cleaning in any sort of icy or snowy condition!

Calling the pros is your best option. Not only will you be able to relax and let the experts handle your gutter cleaning, but you’ll also get an insight into the overall condition of the gutters.

Problematic gutters can cause roof and foundation damage and much more. When you have your gutters cleaned by the professionals at Glassmate, we’ll do a thorough inspection and tell you whether you need to have them fixed or replaced.

Keep safe this winter by investing in professional gutter cleaning. Or, consider our window cleaning Ottawa services!



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