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When Is The Best Time To Clean Your Windows

Spring is regarded as a “cleaning season” and with good cause. 

During the spring, pollen and tree sap collect on windows, leaving a sticky coating on the glass that can be unpleasant.  While some people struggle with the question of ‘how often should my windows get cleaned?’, we at Glassmate believe the answer is surprisingly simple: get your windows cleaned when you’re tired of looking at dirty windows!

However, as a general rule of thumb, having your windows cleaned every three months will ensure you have a beautifully clean and clear view.

Of course, it all depends on your reasons for cleaning and the frequency, but the weather is a vital factor to consider when deciding when to have your windows cleaned.


To determine the best time to clean your windows, you must first understand how temperature and weather affect them.



Spring is always the most popular season for having your windows cleaned. Spring cleaning isn’t called that for nothing! Overall, the weather is good; nevertheless, pollen can collect on external glass windows, making them appear dirty more quickly which makes cleaning windows in the spring essential.




window washing ottawa
window washing ottawa

A hot summer is a great time to clean your windows because of the quick-drying period and lower probability of rain. At Glassmate Window Solutions, we are very experienced with window cleaning during the seasons.





It’s an excellent time of year to get your windows cleaned, especially if it’s been rainy recently. The weather isn’t too hot, so cleaning materials are less likely to dry out and leave residue on your windows, and you can also have your gutters cleaned when you do. Remember to clean the inside of your windows as well.



Getting your windows cleaned in the winter, despite the fact that it’s the rainiest season, is an incredibly good idea since clean rain won’t actually add much dirt to your windows. You only need to worry about dirty rain, which is often wind-driven rain that follows a long dry spell in the summer. You’ll be surprised at how long your windows remain clean if you get your windows cleaned during the winter.

Also, the days will be shorter and darker during that time of year, so you’ll get more light.


Our recommendation is to have your windows professionally cleaned at least twice a year, regardless of the month you choose. A clean house will never look as good as one with dirty windows. Cleaning your windows is a great investment for your home over the long term. The decision is clear. We at Glassmate provide high-quality window cleaning services in Ottawa and the surrounding areas, and we know how to keep your windows looking pristine.

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