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Should You Clean Your Windows After Winter?

Goodbye, white winter, and hello, bright spring!

It seems like brighter days are on the way. Or are they? 

Consider the following scenario. You’re a homeowner who is eager to open your curtains and welcome in the warm sunlight as you gaze out your spotless windows at the world outside. Only to discover that your windows have fallen prey to the harsh winter weather.


Welcome In Spring with Clean Windows

Cleaning your windows as we enter the spring season can be a great way to welcome the warmer weather and brighter days into your home.

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While cleaning your windows, make sure that your window seals are in good condition to prevent moisture from getting in between the window panes, which can cause the window to fog up. Window fog is, unfortunately, a common problem with double-pane thermal windows.

When your windows are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, you can extend their lifespan and avoid future window replacement costs.


Although windows should be cleaned, not everyone has the time. Glassmate Window Solutions provides window cleaning services that remove those tough stains, leaving you with sparkling clean windows through which the sun can shine and illuminate your home.


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