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Exterior Home Improvement Tips – More Than Just Windows

Keeping your home exterior top-notch can appear like an overwhelming task. Where do you start? Is there an efficient way to get the job done?

These are just a few questions that might be on your mind.

While Glassmate’s Ottawa window cleaning services can help you get those windows tidy and sparkling throughout the year, windows are just one piece of the neat home exterior puzzle.

To help you stay on top of this, we have prepared a few exterior home improvement tips. Let’s quickly run through them.

Highlight the Architectural Features of Your Home

There is no better way to highlight the architectural features of your home than to invest in exterior lighting. There are a few other benefits of getting outdoor lighting. You can help increase the security of your home. Also, by illuminating the pathways in your yard, you will minimize the chance of fall and slip accidents.

You can go with lighting solutions powered by electricity or solar power. Either way, the end results will definitely improve your home’s exterior and leave you stunned by the view.

Upgrade your Mailbox

If you have a community mailbox, this might not be an issue. However for those who still have a mailbox at their house (even if that’s not where Canada Post brings your mail), your mailbox is also an important piece of the home exterior puzzle. Unfortunately, many people tend to neglect it. A half-deteriorated mailbox in front of a home makes it less appealing.

To deal with this, you can take on a mailbox makeover project. Once you are done, you can do a little bit of landscaping to tuck it in your yard.

You have plenty of options. Mixing boldly-colored flowers with landscaping timbers will help you create beautiful landscapes.

Finally, to help with curb appeal, you can invest in window washing Ottawa, by choosing GlassMate Window Cleaning.

Prevent Damage to Your Home

Some of these improvement tips are, in fact, home maintenance & prevention tips.

Maintaining your home exterior is very important if you want to keep it looking fresh and clean, and at the same time save extra cash on repairs. Yes, we are talking about eavestrough and gutter cleaning.

Leaves and dirt will pile up in your storm-water system over time. The water will leak out, and damage your roof, walls’ exterior, and, in some instances, even foundation. Keep this system clean and well-maintained, and your home exterior will remain intact.

If you need a quote for eavestrough cleaning Ottawa, send us a quote request.

Use Concrete Pavers for Your Patio

Home patios are made from concrete. In most cases, it is extremely durable poured-concrete, but it is very dull-looking. Don’t be afraid to experiment –he building materials market is filled with concrete pavers you can use to make your patio more appealing.

The pavers come in all shapes, sizes, and textures. Choose the design that complements the look and feel of your home, and you will end up with a patio that looks like an extension of your home. If you lack inspiration, Pinterest can be your next stop.

Many Options for Home Exterior Improvement

There are plenty of ways to enhance the look of your home exterior. Before you go with window cleaning Ottawa services, may we suggest you finish your other home exterior projects first. While doing various projects in your yard, you can easily get your windows dirty, and this is why you should take care of your windows after completing the other projects.

If you are looking for clean windows & skylights, or need gutter cleaning Ottawa, that’s where Glassmate comes in.

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