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Cleaning Up for Fall & Winter – Windows Included!

For some people, autumn means pumpkin spice lattes, crisp nights and mornings, apple cider, having great times at local pumpkin patches and much more.

For others, autumn also means that winter is coming soon and that it’s time to clean up and prepare for long and cold months, filled with snow and ice. Fall Cleaning is a ritual in Ottawa, and clean windows should be a part of your fall cleaning plan. If you are ready to get a quote, schedule with us for window cleaning Ottawa.

A Window onto Preparing for What’s Ahead

homeowner raking leaves in fallGetting your house and yard ready for winter requires a fair amount of work.

Preparing your property and living space for winter in a timely manner means saving energy and time when winter comes, but it also means getting to enjoy the coming of autumn. The earlier you get a jump on that work, the sooner you can enjoy the bright side of fall!

The cleanup allows you to improve safety in your home and yard, keeping it tidy and clean and getting rid of old things you don’t need anymore. Still, it seems that most people tend to overlook caring for their windows when doing this annual cleanup.

When cleaning around the house and yard for autumn and before winter, don’t forget the windows!

Fall Cleanup Must-Dos

house patio inautumnIt’s clear that you’ll need to clean out debris, weeds, and fallen leaves. This is how you eliminate the risk of having pests and critters settle in for the winter in your yard and prevent any disease from fostering. Trimming rogue branches and tilling the garden is also essential to getting everything in order for the cold months.

This is especially important if you have a garden with fruits and vegetables or flowers. Tilling helps remove debris and add compost to nurture the soil for the next year. While you can do all these activities by yourself, cleaning out the gutters and windows is something you can leave to the professionals to help you share the load.

Cleaning your gutters by yourself mostly leads to a poor job or even exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. If you consider to leave it to professionals, you can experience the highest-rated, most reputable window/gutter cleaning services your money can buy, even more so if you live in the Ottawa region.

Ottawa Window Cleaning Services

residential neighorhood on fall dayGlassMate offers the most seasoned and experienced professionals that provide cost-efficient window cleaning services. These eavestrough cleaning and window washing services will help you prepare your house & property for autumn and winter, ensuring that your windows and gutters are clean and taken care of by the most experienced and well-trained professionals in the region.

With more than a decade of professional experience, GlassMate provides the most reliable and affordable interior and exterior window cleaning services you can count on.

We can clean out your gutters and windows, and we have different packages in our offering. We can also hand-wash all interior and exterior glass surfaces and storm windows.

Our professional team of experts will make sure to wipe down the interior and exterior ledges and frames as well as remove cobwebs and loose dirt that may build up on the screens.

For an additional service, we’ll include the cleaning of any additional channels and tracks to make sure you get a whole package. Hire our professional services and experience the difference with our window cleaning & eavestrough cleaning.

Contact us to book your professional window washing Ottawa.

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