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5 Reasons Why You’re Getting Window Streaks

Have you ever walked by one of your windows only to be put off by a streak? Here are 5 reasons why you are getting streaky windows.


1. Chemical Residue

It’s possible that your window cleaning cloth is causing streaks. Chemical residue or oils will soak into the cloth if you use it for other cleanup purposes. This results in streaks.


2. Wrong Cloth

Most people use paper towels or lint cloths to wipe their windows. However, this will leave lint marks on your windows and can lead to streaks as well. We recommend you use lint-free microfiber cloths to achieve the streak-free finish you want.


3. Wrong Cleaning Agent

There are many cleaning products on the market, but not all of them are effective. One solution that we’ve tested and have gotten great feedback on is, mixing 1 part dish soap (e.g. Dawn) and 1 part of 5% distilled vinegar (you can warm up the vinegar a bit for a better effective). Spray your window and let it sit for 5 minutes before spraying with warm water and wiping it away with a damp cloth.

Tip: This solution can also be used for glass shower doors, faucets and mirrors to remedy stains caused by hard water.


4. Worn Squeegees

The squeegee is used to wipe the water off glass surfaces without leaving any marks. Over time, they become worn out and brittle, particularly if exposed to sunlight. For the best performance, you should change your rubber blades regularly.


5. Hard Water

It can be difficult to achieve a streak-free finish when using hard water because it contains minerals that leave behind residue that can cause streaks. Distilled water is sometimes a useful alternative when other water supplies are not available.

In Conclusion

It is possible to achieve a streak-free finish, but your window cleaning methods may need to be altered. To avoid oil and chemical residue, use a cloth that is only for cleaning your windows. The type of cloth you use is also crucial. Lint and streaks can be avoided by using a lint-free microfibre cloth. Sometimes, homemade window cleaner is better than store-bought. Our recommended dish soap and vinegar formula is client-approved. If you’re still getting streaks, maybe you should switch out the rubber on your squeegee or use distilled water.

Please let us know if these suggestions helped by leaving a comment. Tag us on our social media platforms and let us know how they worked out for you if you’ve used one of our suggestions!




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